Israel's Nine Eleven?

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Monday, August 04, 2014



It is one thing to dodge a bullet in a happy accident, quite another to endure the slings and arrows from your fair-weather friends in order to avert a mid-scale holocaust.

The following story, posted below in full as released by P Gellar of New York from Israeli sources, can be summarized in a few lines:

The Gaza to Israel tunnels were modern sophisticated, reinforced attack ports.  They were intended to facilitate a coordinated, massive, nine eleven scale suicide attack on Israelis civilians, including, especially, small children. Its planners eagerly contemplated inflicting Jewish causalities in the high thousands. 

Note here the proportionate scale: For Israelis to lose 9,000 people in an attack (three times the actual number of US citizens murdered on 9-11-01 by the same jihad movement) would be the population-proportionate equivalent of 279,000 US dead.


The mainline American media is historically-challenged or willfully blind.  Here is some of the missing background in a nutshell:

The jihad movement is currently centered in and largely funded by Iran.  Why Iran? It is the most technologically advanced of the Islamic powers that are currently under the control of radical fundamental Islam; and its leaders have dreams of merging the glory of the former Persian Empire with the vision of an Islamic super-state, armed and preserved by atomic weapons.

The ultimate goal of the pan-Arab-Persian jihad is the virtual elimination of the Jewish presence in the Middle East by any means necessary. 

For the time being, the Saudi and Egyptian ruling elites are not in support of this fanatical jihad – mostly out of prudent self-interest. But much of the so called “Arab street” is tacitly or openly enthusiastic about the kill-the-Jews program.

How can “modern” people be so malignantly loony, you ask? Access to the internet and a cellphone does not make a modern mind.  These are 12th Century thinkers using 21st century tools

But why their bloodthirsty persistence?  Part of it is a carryover from a bloodthirsty past. Part of it is a modern pathology.

The core psychological drivers of the movement are a toxic mix of ancient grievances, jealousies amped up by a pathology called malignant narcissism (essentially suicidal jealousy on steroids).

This is a useful stew for the cynical Machiavellian leaders who (like Hitler) are willing to use the Jewish people as the sacrificial scapegoat from which a fierce tribal unity can be forged.

Gaza is a perfect staging area for a final solution because it is far too close to Israel to nuke. Iran seeks nuclear weapons to give it immunity from retaliation as it manipulates the destruction of the Jewish state via its proxies. The current US government is complicit in allowing this nightmare to progress as far as it has. Whether this is a result of incompetence, gross negligence, cowardice, or a covert anti-Jewish agenda is beside the point.  Once again the tiny refuge state of Israel, re-established in 1947 with the post-holocaust blessings of the United Nations and the United States (led by the redoubtable patriot, Harry S Truman), is allowed to twist slowly in the wind while American leaders are required to sit on their hands and watch.


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Here is the referenced account, as reported by New York based web commentator, Pamela Gellar, whose website is at this link:




By Mordechai Ben-Menachem


Multiple media outlets report that Hamas’s offensive tunnel network – now known to have been composed of over forty attack tunnels dug underneath Israel’s border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – was set to be activated during the Jewish High Holidays (September 24th) as a mass terror attack.

The attack was meant to generate as many as ten thousand casualties, men, women and particularly children and hundreds of captives.  Explosives were particularly placed underneath kindergartens to make certain that these “institutions” would be the first struck, even before anything else.

The IDF recently published the below map showing that tunnels were created in pairs, to empty out on both sides of nearby communities.  The known cost of the infrastructure – each tunnel costs upward of some $1 million – clearly shows that Hamas was planning a coordinated mega-attack.  It must be understood that use of even one tunnel would inevitably trigger Israeli retaliation against the entire network.

Gaza 1

A map of a small portion of the tunnels meant to be used 9 weeks from now.

Revelations regarding the planned tunnel attack magnitude played a decisive role in the Israeli government’s rejection of a ceasefire proposed late Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Unbelievably, Kerry actually proposed in his latest “cease-fire proposal” – none of which have been honored by Hamas so far – that Israel refrains from degrading remaining attack tunnels.  This mind-boggling concept would necessarily be rejected by any sane government, of any country.

Israeli security sources, citing information acquired in interrogations of captured brigands, described a scenario under which hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled out into Israel in the dead of night and within 10 minutes been positioned to infiltrate essentially all Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.  Waiting then in hiding until schools and kindergartens were occupied, the terrorists would then attempt to kill the children first, and then kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible.  The plot was set to take place during Jewish New Year, on September 24.


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