‘TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT’ Obama’s Latest Gun Control Rejection


Obama’s Latest Gun Control Rejection Was a Failure of Trust

A clear majority of the democratically controlled Senate has rejected the president’s gun control package, and by a smaller margin, the GOP version as well.  What gives?

This failure was the inevitable blowback from the breakdown in trust that began in Obama’s first term when Obama-Care was rammed past the normal vetting and congressional hearing processes, driven to a party-line vote, supported by the president’s promises, “this is deficit neutral” and “you won’t lose your current insurance”. When these and other representations proved to be false, more and more people began to ask, “Who is this president? Is he the president who pledged to get past the partisan divide, or is he the campaigner who derided the Americans who ‘cling to their guns and religion?’”

At least 98% + of all firearm owners are law abiding.  And these women and men have legitimate concerns that the creation of a national firearms registry will be a prelude to a later confiscation program that will do a much better job of disarming the innocent than the guilty.

Mr. Obama promised that the background checks in the recently defeated bill did not contemplate such a registry, but the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) revealed that it maintains a record that amounts to the same thing, one that could be augmented by the new background checks in the defeated bill.* Concerns like these (call them paranoid if you insist) were shared by so many democrats that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried hard to avoid a Senate vote on the merits from even taking place, hoping that the GOP would invoke the filibuster threshold of 60 votes. When that ploy failed, the naked emperor was exposed. Even the GOP measure failed to pass, though it had more votes than the administration version.

No one, outside of Obama’s shrinking inner circle, is willing to trust the feds with the power to disarm the civilian population…at least, not now, not with this president.

To paraphrase Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan, “It’s the trust issue, stupid.” All second term presidents are weakened by their dwindling time in office.  But this one is damaged by a string of false representations. Mr. Obama has squandered one of the essential attributes of successful leadership: He is no longer trusted.


I am in favor of gun ownership AND better, faster and more intelligent background checks.  See two articles of mine – Gun, Germs and Stealing –at http://jaygaskill.com/GunsGermsAndStealing.pdf it’s not gun control; it’s shooting control at http://jaygaskill.com/GunsCastlesAndShootings.htm. Law enforcement at every level, with federal help, is properly tasked to keep all firearms out of the hands of convicted felons and dangerous mental patients. Anything that can be done to speed up background checks, make them more careful, intelligent, thorough, and widely enforced, will be efforts well spent. A recent headline here in California reveals that thousands of firearms are in the hands of known individuals whose possession is unlawful because they have disqualifying criminal records.  Yet I’m not reading about massive sweeps. Instead, I still see the grand gestures, like gun buyback programs from non-criminals. These are a diversion.

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