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By Jay B Gaskill

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Boston’s wakeup call is our wakeup call – but US anti-terrorist professionals were already onto the game afoot: “…counterterrorism officials were examining possible links between the Boston bombers and the Islamic Jihad Union of central Asia. Chechnya is predominantly Muslim” (NBC).

Dot…dot…dot.  The Brothers Tsarnaev (26 –dead, 19 – on the lam) were biological brothers, and brothers of the Jihad, bloody-minded warriors in the tradition of the Chechnya terrorists in Russia.  Two incidents come to mind

  1. 1. The “…bomb blast that killed at least forty-one people, including seventeen children, during a military parade in the southwestern town of Kaspiisk in May 2002. Russia blamed the attack on Chechen terrorists.”
  2. “The October 2002 seizure of Moscow’s Dubrovka Theater, where approximately seven hundred people were attending a performance. Russian Special Forces launched a rescue operation, but the opium-derived gas they used to disable the hostage-takers killed more than 120 hostages, as well as many of the terrorists. Basayev took responsibility for organizing the attack, and three Chechen-affiliated groups are thought to have been involved.” (Council on Foreign Relations Report)

The politically correct idiot, writing for Salon, who opined the hope that the terrorists would turn out to be “white guys” was unexpectedly prescient – white jihadists. My two earlier posts about the jihadist signature and motivation were spot on. {See and}

The bigger lesson bears repeating and remembering.  This jihad is a pan national movement with the ultimate aim of weakening western civilization and birthing a major Islamic state, one that can stand as a world power in its own right.

I and others have written extensively on this vital topic, to wit.



Once Upon a Time, a Prophet Emerged…


Jay B Gaskill

Attorney at Law

Published May 10, 2011 on the Policy Think Site

Executive Summary

The West faces an Islamic super-state in the throes of gestation and birth.  Given the prospect of loosely hinged martyrs in power, Pakistan’s loose nukes and the prevalent irrationalities loose in the region, a question arises:  Will the Muslims “grow out of” this madness in time?  The situation is grave, and the death of an al-Qaeda mastermind changes nothing of consequence.

So… will “moderate Islam” (whatever that means) come to our rescue?  If not (note the ticking clock), then what are our options?  Is there a theological prong to the defense of the West?  Are there creative solutions?  First: Achieve clarity.  Deadline? Yesterday.

Then we start the heavy lifting.  In this article, I outline a five pronged response: (1) We continue our proactive offense/defense against the terror jihad. (2) We continue with balance of power maneuvers because in the short term we have little choice. (3) We get to bright line clarity on one overriding point:  No nukes for the jihad – and we become as selectively ruthless on the point as we need to. (4) While waiting for a Muslim reformation (and covertly encouraging it) we overtly support civil Islam. (5) We incorporate a stealth theology program into an unprecedented, broadband propaganda war.  Losing this struggle is not an option.

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