Post-Defeat Paralysis Syndrome

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By Jay B Gaskill

Romney lost the 2012 presidential election because the GOP, the supporting PAC’s and his own staff failed to “engineer” the turnout of all the faithful and favorable in sufficient numbers.  In a catastrophic blunder, the Romney campaign bought into a turnout-software nightmare that crashed.  This was an idiot’s plan—or it was an act of desperation because the GOP lacked the necessary on-the-ground organizational strength to match the democrats’ turnout game.

In my opinion, Governor Romney would have been a great president. His individual campaign performance was all that one could reasonably expect from a single human being following a rigorous schedule.  His campaign failed because WE failed to elect him.

It is time to get past the PDP Syndrome. Failure is a teacher or an executioner. This is an old story. The mammals survived the dinosaurs because of evolutionary adaptation.  The same two rules govern Nature and Politics:  Adapt and prevail. Fail to adapt, and die.

This country still matters to hundreds of millions of oppressed people who still see us as a beacon of hope.  The conservative perspective is more vitally relevant than ever. You /we still “count” because, now we will make a difference…because we must.

OUR 2016 opportunity will be framed by what the GOP and the dissident Democrats who are uncomfortable with the left wing domination of their party manage to accomplish in the in the next 30 months so. Yes, we need allies who are democrats.  Common, patriotic values transcend all the partisan crap. It’s that kind of crisis.

Among the huge lessons from the 1016 electoral defeat, three leap out:

1)     The center-right must NEVER AGAIN cede the values debate to the left by default;

2)     The soft underbelly of the progressive left is its alienation from the so-called “common” working people; the elite progressives are vulnerable to a common-sense populist message delivered by someone who can speak with credibility and intelligence;

3)     Organization, organization, organization, with real people wins elections because trust and motivation require personal contact.

You think you feel bad now? Imagine life under the current regime, if the GOP loses the House.

Even if the house remains in GOP control, if the radical progressive mindset in the White House continues, POTUS cannot be restrained by the Supreme Court alone.

Want a lift? Imagine life if the GOP retakes the Senate.

The Congressional and Senate elections are critical to the POTUS 2016 election outcome on several levels, not the least of which is the organizational development opportunities they present.  Winning the Senate back is just barely doable, provided the effort is taken with the seriousness that the project requires.


There are 53 Democratic, 45 Republican and 2 Independent senators. THIRTY THREE senator seats are up for election in 2014, currently held by 13 Republicans and 20 Democrats. Elections for the SENATE will be held on November 4, 2014. That is just over 20 months away. Conventional wisdom has the GOP picking up 2 seats at best.  That’s not nearly good enough. There are other opportunities for a turnover, including these four races:

  • Alaska Democrat Mark Begich beat Republican Mark Stephens by one point. Begich is up.
  • Minnesota Democrat Al Frankin beat Republican Norm Coleman by less than one point. Frankin is up.
  • New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen beat Republican  John Sununu 52/48. Shaheen is up.
  • West Virginia Democrat Jay Rockefeller is retiring.

But this goes well beyond the House and Senate races.  The next presidential election will determine the fate and status of the USA as the bastion of freedom in a world where freedom-protecting civilization is now at great risk.  Doubt not:  that, by then, the status and standing of our beloved country will have been damaged; that our enemies-list will have grown; and that they will have been emboldened by our weakness.

As the critical 2016 election approaches the elements of a grand coalition of the center and right, even of some patriots on the left will be waiting for leadership.  This is the coalition that, if energized, will rise up, retake the country from the fools, repair her and restore this republic to the “shining city on the hill” that a great president once, so eloquently described.

The time for grieving and paralysis is over.



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