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By Jay B Gaskill

The hand-wringing American media is still blind to the jihad and its agenda.  Israel has her back to the wall and we worry that they might “start” something?

England slept while the Nazi’s took power in Europe.  Does anyone recall JFK’s first book, Why England Slept? Someday, the story will be finally written about how, why and to what ill effects, the slanted, anti-Israel media succeeded in anesthetizing American liberal opinion to the existential threat to Western civilization posed by the jihad, all in the service of cultural diversity and political correctness.

Hamas is a terrorist organization on a par with al Qaeda, except that it has seized and occupies territory – it controls the Gaza strip within easy rocket distance of Israel.  So much for the cuddly vision of two peaceful states living side by side.

Israel is a civilized Western nation on a par with England, except that is smaller.  The modern state of Israel is just as old as the United States of American was in 1830, but more vulnerable.

We can use the term modern advisedly where Israel is concerned.  With a highly educated population of 7.9 million, Israel is an intensely creative and productive country whose high tech sector enjoys a record of useful, world class technological innovation that, like the biblical David who fought goliath, far exceeds its size.

Israel is a stable democracy that honors free speech and religious practice.  Muslim Arabs serve in Israel’s parliament.  The converse is not true anywhere among its Islamic neighbors.

Israel has more scientists and engineers, proportional to its population, than any other country —145 for every 10,000 people.  Israel has raised more venture capital investment than any European country by a margin of 20 percent. Using innovations, measured as patents per capita, the top world rankings are [1] the United States, [2] Japan, [3] Switzerland, [4] Finland, and [5] Israel. Don’t even bother to look for Egypt, Pakistan or Iran.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, visited Israel recently and said: “I’ve arrived to Israel, the high-tech country…. … Israel’s high-tech industries are among the global leaders…. I’m energized and inspired by Israel’s innovative capabilities….”

Based on our shared values, a shared commitment to freedom and our own cherished history (President Harry Truman and the United Nations sanctioned the founding of the modern Israeli state in 1948), Israel is one of us.

Bear in mind that the Israeli left-liberal wing is just as firm on their country’s right and duty to defend the homeland against deadly attacks as the right-conservative wing is.  The men and women of the Israeli left are just as humanitarian and freethinking as any stateside liberal democrat, but they are hawks.

Israel has pursued a two state solution in good faith, while its neighbors have not – preferring a one state solution on the same terms Germany offered its Jews.  Reasonable people of good will cannot expect a developed, western democracy to commit suicide just to please uninformed liberal opinion in the USA.

The Arab Spring has turned out to be the “Springtime for Jihad”.  The bloody, anti-Semitic parallels with the Nazism of the 1930’s are chilling.  The entire region is being taken over by Muslim extremists in various disguises or none at all.  Egypt is now a covert jihad ally. Jordan may fall next.

Meantime, Anti-Zionist, drive-Israel-into-the-sea, ideologues have been shelling Israeli territory with Qassam rockets since 2001. Hamas has dramatically escalated the attacks, selected more sensitive targets and upgraded the rockets.  How much shelling would we put up with?

When we hear of “only” 10 Israeli men, women and children dying or getting seriously wounded in a single jihad attack, or only a few hundred thousand families huddling in bomb shelters, bear in mind the population difference.  Israel has 8 million to our 315 million. {For perspective, keep in mind that 6 million innocent people died in the holocaust.} To appreciate the scale of the threat to little Israel, losing 10 innocent civilians in an attack is like losing 315 Americans in a single missile strike near Washington DC.

Hamas has recklessly crossed the line by bombing in urban Israel.

Israel has no choice.


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