Building a World Renaissance

Using the American Model


Jay B Gaskill

We and many parts of the politically correct Western developed cultures, fail somehow to appreciate the value of our own legacy.  We speak blithely of freedom but miss the even larger issue.  “What is that?” you ask.

I’ve been working on two articles for about a year: The first is released today.

Creativity and Survival is addressed to anyone who is serious about the long term future of civilization.  In it I make the case that historical circumstances made America the universal model for ongoing creative change; and I introduce the idea of “the creative imperative” as the idea that will rescue Western civilization from its ambivalent, multicultural malaise.

I rely on historical examples and a review of the creative process to show that the human creative enterprise cannot be confined to any particular modality – it includes the arts, commerce and technology.  Moreover it tends to flourish only under special conditions that include robust protections from authoritarian interference, whether local or general, and it thrives under the conditions of protected liberty that safeguard the creative process from censorship, bureaucratic control and intellectual property theft.  The universal goal of fostering creative civilizations means that the idea of American Exceptionalism is not jingoism, but the epicenter of an uncompleted world revolution. The American model will become the vanguard of “the creative imperative”

Creativity and Survival” is a 15 page study.  Read or download at these Links:

[] as a pdf download, printable with graphic

LINK <http://jaygaskill.com/CreativityAndSurvival.pdf>

[] as an on-line, printable htm file

LINK <http://jaygaskill.com/CreativityAndSurvival.htm>

[] as a Blog post

LINK < http://jaygaskill.com/411/>

The follow-up piece, dealing with practical implications, especially for politics and policy, follows in March.  Note March 2, 2011.

Jay B Gaskill

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