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From the Desk of Jay B Gaskill, Attorney at Law

August 4, 2016


Dear Mr. Trump:


It’s time to up your game, or get out of the race. I am beginning to wonder whether you were secretly recruited to get Hillary elected.  No one, not even you, can wing it into the White House. You are being played [1] and you don’t even seem to know it. Your recent performance makes you the single most effective campaign asset for Hillary’s election.


After the 911 attacks, Defense secretary Rumsfeld warned the US intelligence and national security community about the unknown unknowns, the threats and dangers that our experts weren’t smart enough even to ask questions about.  It is the supreme danger of overconfidence, and the downfall of all who think they know more than they really do.


Not only do you seem to be unaware of the traps and snares on the playing field of politics, you seem to be unaware of the traps and snares on the international scene. [2]


Worse, you don’t seem to care. Do your homework. Please.


Seek out and listen to the people who know more than you do – they are legion.  Pay attention to them. And think – better yet, consult, before you follow your next impulse. People want change.  But they do not want to be led over a cliff.


Jay B Gaskill

[1] Khizr Kahn’s presentation at the DNC convention was an obvious trap. A considered response, delivered in only writing (cc to the media – as opposed to your damaging shoot-from-the-hip verbal fusillade), would read something like this:  Mr. Kahn, I deeply regret that you allowed yourself to get caught up in partisan politics. Know that I honor the bravery and service of your son, Captain Kahn, and that you have my deepest sympathy. I wish we had more men like him. Yes, I do have a copy of the US constitution. As an immigration lawyer, you surely already know that as a sovereign nation, the United States of America has the right and the duty to control who comes and goes across our borders: The security and safety of the American people is paramount. The huge volume of foreign-applicants from places that are plagued with large numbers of the radicalized jihad, hiding in the midst of peaceful migrants, presents a daunting security problem. In the current age of jihad inspired and directed terror attacks, it is irresponsible for the US government to fail to fully vet all persons entering US borders. The sheer numbers of potentially suspect applicants require a temporary halt in large scale immigration from such high risk areas. And yes, I recognize that the dangerous radicals pose a threat to the peaceful followers of Islam as well, but our citizens must come first.


[2] When being interviewed by a card-carrying liberal, your friend George Stephanopoulos, and having earlier praised Russian strongman, Vlad Putin, you just cannot afford to give a fog-ball answer about Russian presence in the Crimea.

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