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A Premature Political Perspective


Jay B Gaskill, attorney at law


As posted on The Policy Think Site –

SUPPOSE that Mr. Obama loses[1] Tuesday (as I personally believe he will). Whether the loss is just in the popular vote or also in the Electoral College, not every registered democrat will be disappointed.  Among the relieved will be Hillary Clinton.

This election was remarkably free of racial and religious prejudice.  Ah, but honesty was in very short supply, particularly among prospective voters talking to pollsters, and pollsters who assigned unrealistic weighting models to their raw data: Both of these groups knew or strongly suspected that the outcome of their actions would be to exaggerate the incumbent president’s standing.

So…let’s skip the recriminations (on either side)…please.

The larger lesson for traditional liberals and old fashioned democrats is straightforward enough. Progressive liberalism always fails without a balancing principle, whether that is understood as conservatism, common sense, or the sobering examples of all the earlier utopian failures. 

Mr. Obama screwed up as POTUS because he lived inside a social and ideological bubble, one that he brought with him into the White House. And, yes, he has displayed an unhealthy narcissistic streak, a product of the unearned adulation heaped on him by leftist activists who hoped to use him.  Narcissists do not govern well because they find it too painful to compromise and become bitter and vindictive when defeated. I wish Mr. Obama well in his recovery (whether from victory or defeat).

I believe that when the junior Senator from Illinois entered the 2008 democratic presidential primary, it was to be a trial run, to get a new name in play for a future serious run for the presidency.   This was like the puppy who chases the car, then accidentally catches it.

At the critical moments of success, Mr. Obama found himself surrounded by small-bore staff support, few of whom had ever stepped onto the national stage.  But his timing was dramatically perfect.  Hillary was still a bit overshadowed by Bill; McCain was a national security candidate with almost no domestic economic policy cred; and when the country’s grand mal credit seizure struck, Obama was in…ready or not.

Shortly after winning the election, the new president snagged a number of Wall Street types, men who knew much more about the markets than the president, but very little about the business sector, and who couldn’t always agree with each other.

Thereafter Mr. Obama took the health care utopia ball and ran with it as if there was no tomorrow, no opposing team to deal with, and no limits to his ability to make change happen.

And it may well turn out that there was to be no tomorrow… for his agenda.

So here we are.

Please vote your conscience.

…And stay tuned.


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[1] Today, Monday, the two most respected polls, Gallup and Rasmussen, show that the Romney tilt has returned. And Michael Barone (18 years at US News and Report, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute) has gone out “on a limb” and predicted a Romney victory. . My own take, Governor Romney will win the popular vote, and if he wins either Ohio or Pennsylvania, he’ll be the next president.


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