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“In a nutshell:


“Obama’s in trouble because everywhere except in politics 2 + 2 = 4.


“In politics one can spend the same $0.5-trillion twice to achieve $2-trillion in savings…in the real world, one spends $0.5-trillion once; and then only with great trepidation.


‘He’s in trouble because $0.787-billion granted-out to political allies who lavish the money on their vassals and serfs to not create anything new becomes worth zero the instant it is doled-out.


“Barack is in trouble because most folks don’t want to be ‘taken care of.’ A helping hand, a boost up…OK, most people can deal with that … but pride, even among the bottom feeders, is a powerful thing…when humans are made to feel like dirty children they eventually rebel…November 6th will be the first of those ‘eventually’ days.


‘…and finally, Barack Hussein Obama is in trouble because the folks who worked to acquire something of value to them are starting to see that something being diminished because of government action & inaction…and they don’t like seeing their ‘something’ made less valuable.”







A general cultural hostility to economic success is toxic, because resentment for individual achievements inevitably poisons the well for the collection of private achievements on which public prosperity is ultimately based.


“In a nutshell: It is what the political left not just doesn’t understand, it is what prevents them from achieving their goals. Nicely put Jay.”


“This is a great piece, Jay. The problem of short attention spans cannot be solved by any rewording (IMHO). And the reality is that both sides are up against it. The Obamas are claiming that their plans are working but just need more time, etc., etc., along with all their other simplistic and invalid excuses. They are using the short attention span as a positive, ie it takes them off the hook; they don’t need a real explanation.


“Most Americans will react intuitively, and not from some rational explanation. And while this allows Obama to prevaricate, I think that this way of deciding will ultimately favor Romney.”





“Obama is in trouble because…


“He’s trying to turn us into Cuba, and he’s succeeding.


“It’s the easiest way I can put it.


“How else can one describe a government that is trying to control what everyone does and what everyone gets?  I don’t think he even sees the economy as a real problem.  Someone needs money?  Give it to them.  He doesn’t worry about the economic consequences of precipitating money.  Every problem is an opportunity for control.


“Obama didn’t start the problems, but he is accelerating them.  From around the start of the 20th century, we stopped recognizing our government as a republic and started recognizing it as a democracy.  It still has the vestiges of a republic, but only inasmuch as the leaders recognize and respect them.  From the 16th Amendment to the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations, envy and power multiplied.  I’ll add that our immigration policies have helped wreck our country.  We have a culture where anything goes, and there is no right or wrong, a nihilist’s paradise if you’ll have it.  Everything and everyone is equal.  All ideas are equal.  All countries are equal, and there’s nothing special about America or being an American.


“Our economic growth is from fear.  No one wants to lose their job, so they work harder.  That only goes so far.  That doesn’t produce new things, especially if goods are to be produced in China or elsewhere.


“I dread another four years of Obama.  Four years with Romney isn’t a guarantee of prosperity either.  How does a country reverse adverse governmental control without either breaking the country or declining into anarchy?  Is there enough of what is or what was America to bring it back to greatness?


“Got math?”






“Brilliant, Jay!  Now, how do we create the context in which we can actually move forward?”

JBG responds


This is a version of a very difficult question – How do we get otherwise sane people with reasonable minds to abandon the anti-business, “liberal” mindset?





“Talk is cheap; time to apply the Christian practices that are preached but not practiced.”


JBG responds


…So easy to say, so hard to accomplish in the gritty world of politics. But we live in the real world and we are still called to make choices. 


The larger theme is the Faustian bargain.  All too many Christians have bought into a version of the Faustian bargain: “Befriend the secular king and he will grant you the Power to force the People to ‘do good’”.  Such bargains always carry an unacceptable price. In general, the political left succumbs readily to the offered trade-off, in which the “devil” offers the power of coercion (via deception and the gradual acquisition of the levers of state power), all in the service of the left’s idealism. Then (this is the Devil’s due) the bargain erodes moral intelligence.  Veracity is the first casualty of the bargain; then every other aspect of moral discernment falls like a house of cards as the capitulation becomes complete. This is how we got those bizarre scenes in which otherwise decent men and women – the drawing room Marxists – actually defended Stalin while somehow clinging to their collective self-image as “empowered humanitarians”.


Back to the decision at hand: To retain or fire America’s Employee in Chief.


Did our latest president knowingly sign up with the dark side, in some wide-awake Faustian bargain, or is he like so many others who are just happy to “make a difference”? I take no position, but… Narcissists – and our current POTUS is a classic example of the type – come in all varieties, but they all are prisoners of flattery and praise.


What I can tell from this distance is that our current president appears to be a decision-challenged narcissist with weak character, still in over his head, a promising young politician who chose to surround himself with a coterie of arch leftists whose actual agenda would, if taken to its logical end, drive this country into state-sponsored serfdom. That agenda has never been repudiated.  Young Obama’s early feints towards bipartisanship – even post-partisanship – quickly dissipated as this president seemed to snap back to his leftist roots.


Who is the real Obama? The fact that many intelligent, well-meaning people are still asking that question is a tell. The remaining question is not trivial: If Mr. Obama awarded a second term, will we like the answer to that question or not?


Objective observers of the State of the Union will concede that Mr. Obama’s offer of hope and change has not worked out as promised.  And now, three and a half years later, the country is increasingly willing to reverse that order – first change the leadership, then hope. 


Stay tuned…





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