An instant Reflection

By Jay B Gaskill, Attorney at Law

By announcing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, Governor Mitt Romney has signaled that he is 100% serious about economic policy. This is a succinct and compelling answer to the Obama camp’s unserious “99%” campaign slogan.

Congressman Paul Davis Ryan (representing Wisconsin’s First District) is the one elected leader in the federal government who has demonstrated significant economic leadership during the current fiscal crisis.  He is one of the very few members of either chamber who has formal training in economics.  His position as Chair of the House Budget Committee and a strategic position on the Ways and Means Committee were not awarded to this Wisconsin congressman based on seniority.

They were awarded because of Ryan’s clear-minded, realistic leadership and his detailed knowledge of the issues.

His proposal, The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal, will be the template for our economic recovery if the incumbent president is defeated in November.

The lines are clearly drawn.  It will be “It’s the economy, stupid!” – and – from the Obama camp’s frightened perspective, “It’s that stupid economy!”

For better or worse (clearly the better), at least one of the candidates for POTUS will seriously engage the real issue in this race.


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