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Beware the troubled children of a lax generation because they are the unthinking instruments of the cynical fools who think they know how to take your country from you.

Today, I opened the morning newspaper, and encountered a guest editorial. A mother of the 60’s, having visited the WS protests, writes –

“…one man held a sign that read ‘Every Generation Needs a Revolution.’ This spoke volumes to me. The spirit of the protest, and the people in attendance, reminded me so much of the 1960s.

“… When I was leaving, I stopped to take one last look around at this sea of young people, and wondered if the next Steve Jobs was standing right in front of me.

“…Did I fully understand what I was protesting at my young age in the late-1960s? I doubt it. I did know one thing for sure: Something was very wrong with the world … and I wanted to be part of creating something better. I think that’s their purpose.”

Out of respect for the mother’s sincerity and the publication that printed her observation, I’ll neither name her, not identify the source. But my pull quote is perfectly archetypical of a certain mindset.  On such naiveté, Lenin (and I mean Vladimir, not John) built a monument of blood and despair.

The street protests in New York and elsewhere are beginning to look a lot like the Greek protests where violence and property damage soon followed signs and chants.  In Wall Street and Times Square, children (over and under the age of majority) are leaving a huge mess.  Police cars have been shat on.  I’m inclined to paraphrase here –“By their sh*t, you shall know them.”  Nobody had to clean up after the Tea Party gatherings.

I can imagine the same sort of infantile demonstrations would have taken place following the “capital strike” depicted in Atlas Shrugs.

But no conspiracy by “the malefactors of great wealth” is actually needed, because the malefactors are us, in the form of the elected officials and bureaucrats whose well intentioned manipulations have collectively gutted the productive sector of the American economy.

The difference here is that the complexity fog surrounding “high” finance permits lurid conspiracy theories to form.  I recall a time when the commentariat was fixated on the “price conspiracies” of the “big American oil companies’.  [We should be so lucky to actually have any American companies in a strong market position!]

The core conceptual problem lurks in the mindsets of the socialists on the left and the conspiratorialists on the left and right: Their brains are so configured that the notion of spontaneous, emergent order (as in a free pricing system) just can’t be grasped, let alone recognized.  We don’t need a conspiracy of those who are in charge of the productive and potentially productive resources in the world to explain why they are still collectively unwilling to pour precious, limited capital into a toxic, politically controlled sewer.

Collective sanity might appear to be a conspiracy (from the idiot savant perspective of someone like, say Paul Krugman), but healthy rational self interest tends to converge without any secret agreements.  It is the irrational political manipulations of those who think that they can cleverly tweak the world market that must be kept hidden from view.

Consider a not unrelated point.  When our post-Marxist, Marxist POTUS talks about “shocking” or “stimulating” the American economy into health, his grossly inappropriate medical metaphor tells us all we need to know about his delusional mindset.  He is like the clueless EMT who persists in using defibrillation shock paddles on a cancer patient.

Heavy lifting is ahead: chemo, radiation, tumor shrinking, cleansing the trickle down toxicity that has infected the economic metabolism on which all prosperity depends – which is the production and free exchange of goods and services for profit.

To pick a better metaphor, the metabolism of productive free enterprise is a weakened host, surrounded by vampires who are buzzing about, discussing strategies for its revival.  The vampire in chief has just proposed saline injections.  Wiser voices can be faintly from a distance, shouting “Stop sucking the blood!”

Meantime, the baby vampires cavort in the dying creatures’ feces, children who are pawns in an agenda they only dimly understand.


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