Palin Update

Yesterday’s article is a note of admiration for sudden charismatic leadership, unfairly attacked fro the wrong reasons, and a strong caution about the abrupt assumption of serious executive responsibilities.

The latter is the same caution that would have applied to Early Jimmie Carter, early Bill Clinton, Mr. Obama and several other POTUS candidates whose executive experience and initial staff depth was deficient at the very outset of their administrations.  Mrs. Clinton cautiously pointed this deficiency out during the primaries.  Governor Palin, an actual governor, was a better potential executive than the untried Junior Senator from Illinois.  But merely running a small state for one half a term does not constitute adequate pre-POTUS training.  I developed these themes in two realier posts that frame the context of this Palin piece.  Check


I have great admiration for Governor Palin, but – as of this writing – her POTUS resume needs some gravitas.  That said, she is one of those history-making figures who has a great deal more to contribute.  Anyone who dismisses her is making a mistake.


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