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As of today, Iran’s Russian-fueled reactor at Bushehr is a go. The BBC reports that fuel is being loaded. [LINK: ]


“Experts say that as long as the Bushehr plant is Russian-operated and supervised by the UN nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there is little chance of proliferation.”


IMPLICATIONS: Note that Iran’s Natanz facility, the site of weapons-grade uranium enrichment, is still down, following the Stuxnet Trojan cyber attack from an “unknown” source. [See my article at: ]


We can now assume with confidence that the Bushehr facility was spared…no doubt deliberately, quite likely with the concurrence of the Russians. Clearly, the Stuxnet attack was deliberately aimed at Iran’s weapons’ program and probably achieved greater success than the Iranian government is prepared to admit.


A lingering question: What was the point of infection? One expert suggests that it was a corrupted memory stick. Think of those implications: site access by one or more saboteurs.


In an earlier post, I proposed that the US utilize its best short term option to degrade and dissuade Iran’s nuclear weapons’ ambitions, to wit: Sabotage. [LINK: ] It looks like that logic has prevailed, for the moment.



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