The 21st Century’s Defeat Virus

By Jay B Gaskill

Why would this president’s national security team so hastily remove the most effective of the sanctions against Iran, just as they began to change that regime’s behavior?

Why did Governor Romney, when it became evident during the presidential debates that the president was peddling a false narrative about the September 11th attack on our undefended diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Syria, fail to go for the jugular when he had the national stage?

Why did the Congressional committees tasked to investigate the Benghazi debacle fail to use every available legal means to seize the computers containing Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails on the topic?

Why when IRS executive – and Obama confidant – Lois Lerner was identified as having approved the IRS punitive investigations that singled out conservative organizations fail to aggressively seek to seize the computer servers that held smoking gun evidence of a major unlawful abuse of executive power?

There are many proffered explanations, but only one overriding reason for these and other similar failures: It was not fear of failure but fear of success. It was a classic failure of nerve.

Fear of winning is the early 21st century malady for those too young to fully appreciate the lessons of World War II and the Cold War: The penalties for winning a fight to the death are primarily psychological – a sort of pre-traumatic stress syndrome in which the putative victor begins to worry about too tough, too brutal. These concerns are of little consequence to the losers and their murdered supporters. The penalty for losing is death, in the case of a nuclear jihad or attendant regional nuclear war, the death of millions, possibly of civilization itself.

We now live in a culture in which winning (that is winning in the real world, as opposed to, say, in sports events or other entertainment contests) is almost guaranteed to subject the winners to a torture, a living autopsy: No victor is left undefiled in the post-victory guilt game. The tendency to take down the victors is all too human, but it is pathology.

The civilized West and its allies are in a fight to the death in a war declared by their mortal enemies, but, for the most part, it not even acknowledged as a true war by the Western elites.

When a moral enemy exposes its jugular, just go for it. There may not be a second chance.


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