Précis of Part One: {Dangerous Entanglements}

We are slipping into an almost irretrievable entanglement of politics and commerce. Welcome to life in the bureaucratic society. This is where the new normal is chronic underemployment. This is the “transformed society” we that were gifted by rhetoric of hope. But when we opened the gift box, we discovered that we’ve been treated to faux growth that just leads to one more bubble; that we’ve been delivered into a dysfunctional system where success is punished and failure subsidized. This a place where political favoritism routinely distorts economic decisions. This is New Order is characterized by a thousand politically correct annoyances and a suffocating political load on creative and productive enterprises. This is the Brave New world where the very language in the public square has been corrupted. This is the nightmare dream of our fathers (mothers and grandparents). In this upside-down dream, the term ‘progressive’ has been so perverted that it means its polar opposite – regressive. Reversing all this will take a war, but a war like no other…. JBG



The Long War

Dangerous Entanglements Part Two

The disentanglement war will be fought over a decade or more. The weapons will be new ideas, new alliances, and a new resolve. It all begins with you and me.

We Americans are the landlords of a grand old mansion that is occupied by misguided fools, manipulative ideologues, thieves and sluggish drones.

We need to file the Eviction Notice; then work tirelessly to get the rascals out before they can do any more damage.


· Prioritize the Agenda;

· Commit to the Long Term;

· Exploit Opportunities as they show up.

MAIN AGENDA – Disentangling Commerce from Political Meddling

ü Replace the worst politicians.

ü Curb the regulatory juggernaut.

ü Insert subversive creative-freedom nodes into the state apparatus.

ü Encourage and protect all existing productive creative freedom zones (in the receptive states & within thriving innovation centers inside unreceptive states).

ü Build and retain the social capital of freedom between elections (note # 2 below).

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE – Reversing the overall direction of politics and governance

THE OVERALL STRATEGY – Relentless, opportunistic gradualism


  1. Institute an Economic Growth and Jobs Impact Report at the federal and state level This will be the regulatory Trojan Horse that acts as a check against the job and growth killing Environmental Impact Report.{As expanded – see ▼.}
  2. Start and fund a continuing Immigration-centered - Upwardly Mobile Tracking and Support Project. This is the long, but rewarding pathway to earning trust relationships among the emerging middle class by promoting the Aspirational Middle Class. This utterly reverses the conservative tendency to go to sleep between elections, neglecting the conditions and long-range opportunities on the ground and on the street. {See ▼▼.}
  3. Aggressively seed and acquire media and opinion shaping outlets. {See ▼▼▼.}


The creeping administrative control networks over American commerce and daily life is the collective handiwork of several mega-agencies of the federal government, like the EPA, the EEOC, the FDA, the FCC, the ICC, the OSHA, the HHS and others too numerous to list. The pattern, well documented by the attorney/commentator Mark Levin, in his book, Liberty and Tyranny (Simon & Schuster 2009), is the same for each of these regulation-generating behemoths. Congress has given away the store and ignored (for the most part) the consequences. Each of these and many other agencies have been granted the power to make laws (called regulations), to enforce them by imposing sanctions (law enforcement is supposed to be an executive function), and to adjudicate cases outside the court system (a judicial function). The congress, the sole entity body that is empowered to make new laws, did not make CO2, the naturally gas released by animals and absorbed by plants, into a pollutant; the EPA did that. In contrast, the EPA’s power to regulate tobacco products was specifically granted by congress in 2009. Under the radar, the web of regulations, some well-intended, others misguided, many never actually authorized, cumulatively are suffocating new business startups, weighing down struggling businesses and impairing economic growth.

But that which is overregulated can be reversed, utilizing the same “commerce power” on which the massive regulatory load was based.

See ,, ,

Pending that undertaking, there is a simple measure that can be at the very top of the agenda of those who seek to liberate and reinvigorated US commerce: In addition to, and as a limiting counter-force, any new regulation from any federal agency that relies for its authority in whole or part on the power to regulate commerce, must submit to an Economic Growth and Jobs Impact Report, that must be subject to public review before any new regulation can be enforced. If such a report indicates that the proposed regulation, in the context of existing regulations, presents a material risk of a negative impact on economic growth and jobs (American employment opportunities) then the entire matter is automatically submitted to the Congress the specific approval of which is required before any new regulation can be enacted; and at the same time, the Congress is automatically required to consider repeal of any related regulations that may be impairing economic growth and jobs.

This is a battle worth fighting at every opportunity. The EG and J report is a Trojan horse that will educate lawmakers and the public about negative economic impacts and will build support for a broader rollback of growth-crippling regulations.


Supporting the Aspirational Middle Class by funding and deploying Upwardly Mobile Tracking and Support Projects: This is not to be some massive government program, but a set of privately funded projects that link conservative leaders, conservative values, building trust relationships within the emerging middle class – including first generation immigrants. The progressives have learned to build social capital – and built networks of trust relationships to later exploit during elections – by using poorly designed government benefit programs. Creative conservatives and their allies can do a much better job with actual result-oriented privately funded programs that cultivate and maintain contacts with upwardly mobile community leaders who are not in the pockets of left-leaning political hacks.

& Note this –


Letters to the editor, June 6

The National Asian American Coalition represents 6 million California Asian Americans through our many offices in California…

Asian Americans, unlike perhaps other minority communities, cannot be taken for granted. A strong pro-small business Republican gubernatorial candidate could easily draw 50 percent or more of the Asian American small business and professional vote and 40 percent or more of the overall Asian American vote in California.

The Republican leadership in California, for example, will be backing three strong Asian American leaders for Assembly and state Senate positions in 2014. … [t]his vacuum [Is] an opportunity to rebuild a two-party system in California that will more effectively compete for the minority community vote Obama appears to take for granted.

Faith Bautista, president and CEO, National Asian American Coalition, Washington, D.C.


Taking back the media? Are you serious, Gaskill? Serious as a heart attack, are we. The medium and the message cannot be separated. Creative conservatism is forward-looking, aspiration and opportunity driven, a clear and optimistic alternative to the stultifying bureaucratic state. Converting a critical mass of the media (it doesn’t need to be more than a self-confident, vigorous 40%) is the essential piece of the ten year war. Yes progress will be slow at first but it will build. There is far too much to say for this installment, but here are the two takeaway points, for now:

  1. Every opportunity for progress in every conceivable media stream is to be seized and aggressively pursued.
  2. We are never again to allow a single, conservative-leaning reporter, let alone a conservative media entrepreneur, to be savaged by the left without an overwhelming and relentless defense and counterattack.   

There you have it for now. Next Wednesday: The Inflection Points

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