Dr. L White (http://einbrera.blogspot.com ) has circulated a compelling set of articles containing convergent opinion and analysis that support the view that Iran’s atomic bomb ambitions cannot be stopped by sanctions or diplomacy, that the Obama administration has already decided to allow that to happen and that, once armed with nuclear weapons capability, the Iranian regime will not be deterrable in the same way that the US and Soviet Union were during the Cold War. Some of Dr. White’s sources are linked here




Naturally I am in full agreement with this assessment.

In an “open letter” to Mr. Obama’s Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel on June 15, 2009, I wrote —

“Dear Mr. Emanuel:

“Since you have access to the intelligence information, I’ll get right to the point. The Iranian regime plans to use its nuclear weapons capabilities in an ethic cleansing program aimed at the Jewish inhabitants of Israel. The “liberals” in the regime will be willing to accept ethnic cleansing via forced ex-migration under threat of a nuclear holocaust. The hardliners are willing to actively incinerate 75% of the Jewish population and accept the collateral damage.

“The “liberals” are not in control.

“As you know, the Israeli government is currently debating the timing issue, i.e., how long dare they wait before attempting to mitigate the threat by bombing the known nuclear weapons infrastructure facilities and missile emplacements in Iran.

“You and they know that this effort may not succeed because the technical and logistical demands (well within US capabilities) are at the outer limits of the IDF’s reach.

“You and they also know that any attack by the IDF on Iran will bring retaliation on Israel. The estimates of the retaliatory casualties inflicted on the Israeli population are about 100,000, unless and until defenses are hardened, in which case the estimates fall to a “mere” 10,000 or so. So the timing issue is complicated by intelligence uncertainties and defense preparedness logistics.

“All Americans need to understand the scale of the threat to the Israelis, as I’m sure you do. The US population is about 305 million while Israel has only 7.5 m. The multiplier is 40.666, which means that 100,000 dead Israelis is the equivalent of 4.666 million dead Americans, a “symbolic” holocaust to be sure and the cause for great rejoicing in Teheran. What would be the scale of casualties in the event of nuclear missile attacks on Israel? A true holocaust for sure: Jerusalem has .73 million inhabitants, Tel Aviv .38 m, Haifa .26 m, Rishon LeZion .22 m, and so on, all within missile range.

“The reason that the Iranian regime will not back down is that the ruling clique see only two scenarios, and either scenario is glorious. In the one where nuclear weapons are acquired by the Zion-hating mullahs, Iran becomes the world’s ethnic cleanser-in-chief and the untouchable terror-export bully. This would mark the beginning of a nightmare that would make the cold war standoff of the last century seem like a pleasant dream. The scenario where Israel is provoked into a preventative air strike, followed by a punishing counterattack is equally glorious. The Israelis are too civilized to inflict unnecessary civilian casualties, but the Iranian regime considers killing Israeli civilians a worthy goal. The image of America, sitting idly by while its “evil” friend suffers a retaliatory “symbolic” holocaust, is the jihadist wet dream.

“When a poison snake invades the nursery, you have to kill it on the first try. Half measures won’t work. By now you should have been briefed about the scale of the effort required. This is primarily an air and water mission with limited ground support.

“Iranian progress towards the point of no return, the acquisition of at least one exportable atomic bomb is a game changer. This circumstance is apparently acceptable to the current American administration. But not to any rational person in the region who hopes to avoid a nuclear arms race followed by an ecumenical holocaust – one that will ultimately kill millions of Jews, Arabs and other innocents.”

And so on. I had to try.

Rumors are now surfacing that Mr. Emanuel intends to leave the administration.

Israel, the only nation state with compelling, immediate self-interest at stake, has little choice but to attempt to pull Iran’s nuclear stinger before the point of no return has been reached. We are very, very close to that point.

This is why Iran and its murderous proxies (Syrian, Hezbollah and their front groups) are attempting to smuggle missiles, chemical-weapon warheads, Jihadist warriors and suicide killers into Lebanon, the Gaza strip and even inside Israel itself using tunnels from Egypt and Syria and the “humanitarian” flotilla.

The propaganda campaign against Israel’s blockade is designed to facilitate this multi-focal attack on Israel.

The Israelis – both left and right – are united by the raw survival imperative. Israel was formed as a safe-refuge state because of the indifference of Europe to the last holocaust. Political pressure has confined the Jewish state to unreasonably narrow borders, allowing a launch platform on Gaza itself, putting Jerusalem less than half the distance from a Gaza threat as that between Manhattan and East Hampton Village.

This is why the Saudis are prepared to allow Israel access to its airspace to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.


And this is why the Israeli’s are prepared to act in preemptive self defense, even without American assistance.

To pray for Israel’s success in the current situation is to pray for world peace.

This president’s entire legacy will be enhanced or forever poisoned by his willingness to stand with Israel in this critical hour or his shameful unwillingness.

This is a Harry Truman moment but I fear that we have a Jimmy Carter Redux in the White House.

Pray that I am wrong.


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