In Mr. Friedman’s latest Op Ed, “As Ugly as it Gets” (New York Times – link: ), he achieves an almost bright line moral coherence in the context of the cozy embrace of that murderous Iranian figurehead president by the leaders of Brazil and Turkey. Here’s the pull quote:

“Turkey and Brazil are both nascent democracies that have overcome their own histories of military rule. For their leaders to embrace and strengthen an Iranian president who uses his army and police to crush and kill Iranian democrats — people seeking the same freedom of speech and political choice that Turks and Brazilians now enjoy — is shameful.”


But there is a caveat. This administration and a plurality of the liberal commentariat have given every possible signal to indicate that forcibly preventing the odious Iranian regime from developing a deliverable nuclear arsenal is off the table. Regrettably, this view, if implemented in the bizarre “nuke whisperer” style of Mr. Obama’s face-to-the world, will inevitably lead to war in the Middle East. Not just any war, mind you, but one accompanied by the profound destabilization of all the power relationships there, a local arms race, and – here’s the rub – the further entrenchment of the anti-democratic regime of radical, homicidal mullahs in Iran and elsewhere. Like so many uncomfortable truths of the real world, practical side of things, partial moral clarity – an improvement over the moral obtuseness of the radical left, to be sure – is a bit like a partial birth abortion. It is a death-prescription, IN THIS INSTANCE for thousands, possibly millions of innocent people.

There remains a slim chance that the Israelis, who have the single biggest stake in promoting a neutral, disarmed Iran, may be able to pull the Islamist nuclear stinger without suffering more than a few thousand casualties. The risk of failure is significant, especially if the hostility to Israel evidenced by the Obama administration leads to a hands-off policy, even when the Jewish state is in extremis. This time, the IDF will need more than diplomatic support because the Iranian military forces and their proxies – Syria and the bloody-minded Hezbolah – will be engaging in a full-on war.

Indeed, there are credible rumors, Mr. Friedman, that the forces of darkness are planning for a preemptive attack on Israel. Would that change your moral calculus?

This administration is becoming increasingly easy to read. The Occam’s Razor principle – the simplest explanation that covers all the available evidence is most likely to be true – leads me to a disturbing place, to wit: This is an ideology-driven presidency willing to double-down in order to get the most out of what will probably be a single term. The Israel piece fits perfectly into the soft antisemitism of the anti-Zionist left, a perfect fit for a man who was comfortable to take his family to a church for twenty years that was run by a raving pastor whose pronouncements chill me to the bone. The Rev. Write was fully capable of blaming the world’s troubles on “the Jews” and – how soon we forget – had no problem praising the work of that crypto-Nazi, Louis Farakan.

Pray that I’m wrong. If it’s actually as bad as I fear, look for these signs:

(a) Rahm Emanuel is demoted or re-situated outside the administration.

(b) Insider Jewish opinion, the kind that is driven by background leaks, shifts sharply against this president.

Hint: The second sign is now very much in play.



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