Bin Laden & French Cowardice

Bin Laden & French Cowardice

Maybe I should include the New York Times, here as well for the clever concealment of the French foreign office’s craven appeasement of Islamist extremists.

Unfair, you say?

Here’s the Times’ headline, buried deep in today’s paper:

France: Bin Laden Son Is Denied Visa


At first blush an ordinary reader – if he or she noticed the piece at all – would probably conclude, as I did, that a member of the clan Bin Laden clan was on some terrorist watch, and the French simply did the prudent thing in barring entry.

The news snippet (really only a paragraph) reveals the truth, but without the necessary context:

This was a book tour.

“Osama bin Laden: A Family Portrait,” written by one of the miscreant terrorist’s estranged sons, is really a hit piece, a negative portrait, written by an insider. The bin Laden family is a respected Saudi clan with roots in the construction industry, and Osama is, to say the very least, not in favor with them.

So why block the son and his mother at the very gates of the home of liberty, equality and fraternity?

Nicolas Sarkozy knows. Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, President of the French Republic, former Interior Minister, was once a strong critic of France’s “car burning” youth (hint- Muslim rioters – see – ), is well aware of which members of Clan bin Laden pose a threat and which do not. He also is well aware of the threat to domestic tranquility posed by some of France’s recent immigrants and their disgruntled youth.

The French Muslim subpopulation of only about 6% (in contrast with, say, four times that percentage in the Netherlands), but has been concentrated in “Sharia strongholds” that sometimes overmatch the French government’s capacity to enforce the civil law.

To his credit, the French President has done far more than his predecessors to reassert traditional French culture. But a daunting demographic fact confronts Western Europe. Their Islamist subpopulations are out-reproducing the native populations, and remain strikingly resistant to cultural assimilation.

France has begun its tightening immigration policies and has reasserted secular cultural standards, including the implementation of a partial burqa ban. [See .] There is actually a fair to good prognosis for the preservation of western civilization in France, in contrast to be beleaguered Netherlands where a gay, freedom-loving leader was assassinated by a Muslim fanatic and cartoonists need bodyguards.

Although the French constitution protects free speech, the government is fully entangled with the media and, by American standards, the protection of what we Yanks proudly call “our First Amendment rights” is much less robust there than here.

So I think it is reasonable that the Bin laden book tour was stopped at the gates because of fear. There is no other way to spin it.

Mr. Sarkozy, your foreign office has surrendered core French principles. Are you up for this fight?


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