Warning: This piece is “inside baseball”, a commentary readily understood by that subset of Americans who have figured out that Karl Marx did not really die. There is no Marxist Lite.*

The (neo-Marxist) core political left has just aligned itself against both American liberals and conservatives.

No, there was no official announcement. And there will never be one – as long as we live in a free country. For reasons that will become painfully apparent, Marxist true believers are not harmless, nor honest, nor extinct.

The root word out of which the liberal mind was formed is liberty. The root word out of which the conservative mind was formed is conservation. Both are historically legitimate voices in the American political dialogic. Both wish to liberate people from real oppression and each wants to conserve liberty, justice and the values on which these were founded. Both historically have abhorred totalitarian communism and fascism, and have rallied to the defense of the union when our homeland was attacked.

Authentic liberals and homegrown conservatives have much more in common with each other than with the latest iteration of the left. The historians among us will recall that the blood-red, arch-left, the ruthless Marxists like Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, held the liberals in contempt.

Nothing has changed.

The true left is distinguished by a long term commitment to enforced equality, not as a form of liberation as liberals and conservatives might understand that term, but as a utopian condition to be imposed, as appropriate, by any means necessary. Because the hard left’s real agenda is profoundly unpopular, not to mention profoundly unrealistic, its true believers always operate in stealth mode. It remains an open question whether our current president is a member of the hard left, but few reasonable minds can deny that, during his formative period, he was surrounded by its representatives.

While Mr. Obama’s real agenda is being sorted out, it remains puzzling for a number of observers that a national leadership Trifecta, consisting of POTUS, Madame Speaker and The Senate’s Major Domo, remains committed to a suicidal economic and political course – spending money we don’t have for objectives we can’t achieve, while ignoring popular sentiment, the counsel of a majority of working economists and a supermajority of small business owners.

It makes one seriously wonder: Are these leaders really just badly misguided, or are they actually working for the ultimate defeat of the Great American Experiment?

If you doubt me, then just ask yourself three questions. Why has the left abandoned the term liberal in favor of progressive? How can there possibly be an authentic populist movement that is rising up against the left? Why would the liberal establishment risk burying the ‘golden goose’ of capitalism under an insurmountable mountain of debt, unless it was designed to be a final interment?


*There is no Marxist Lite. In all its forms, Marxism, as a social/economic engine, leads to economic collapse. When it is implemented and run by brutal authoritarian bureaucrats (as in Stalin’s Russia) the collapse can be delayed for as many as 70 years and the resulting crater is deep because of all the bodies. When it is implemented and run by incompetent elected politicians and subsidized by Keynesian faux money, the collapse can’t be delayed nearly as long because it’s no longer a closed system – people and enterprises move away or go idle, borrowed funds can be cut off, confiscatory taxation resisted. The resulting crater is shallower and there are few, if any bodies. But the failure track is the same.

The flaws are the same: (a) The quest for equality does not drive economic productive behavior; (b) Political manipulation of free enterprises to implement ‘more equal’ outcomes leads cumulatively and inevitably to economic collapse. As one Eastern European worker said (of his soviet factory job): “I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me.”

Make no mistake: The current collapse is not a free market failure; it is the systemic failure of the political manipulation of free markets by Marxist Lite politicians whose errors were subsidized by speculative bubbles based on government supported, over-leveraged borrowing. Karl Marx once quipped that a capitalist will sell you the rope to be used for his own hanging. More apt is the observation that Marxist Lite politicians will buy into the bubbles that will bring them down.

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