Could the democrats lose the Senate this year? It would take ten victories. One polling analyst says that – if current trends are extrapolated – such a demo-doomsday scenario is actually possible.


The real test is of our new President’s inner character. Who is Obama, really? A closet radical leftist, now thoroughly exposed? A closet centrist who was beguiled by the left? A cynical pragmatist who merely used the left? A malleable political novice who has been misused by his own party’s overreaching leadership?

A number of my centrist friends, disgusted with Bush, had projected all their hopes on this thoughtful, eloquent young Senator from Illinois. Most of them are suffering buyers’ remorse and a few of them are now worrying that young Obama has been harboring the inner radicalism of his early mentors all along. Others – David Brooks speaks for them – are still sympathetic to the notion that Mr. Obama has a reasonable mind and authentic bipartisan instincts, but just got off the track for a time.

I want to be fair to our new POTUS, but the darker ideological picture of this administration is gaining traction – think of Glenn Beck’s exposure of the neo-Marxists who were hired to serve as Obama’s staff, consultants and tsars.

However that plays out, the zeitgeist of the angry independent voters (who make up a plurality larger than either party) is one of betrayal. Trust, once breached, is difficult to restore. This president’s path to political survival and ongoing relevance is bright-line clear:

Protect, defend and listen to the authentic Blue Dog Democrats. Mr. Obama needs more of them. The most productive conversations often begin with one word: NO.

Excesses of public and private lending and borrowing have brought us to the edge. Pushback from the center-right is a healthy development. Here’s the Senator to watch:

Diane Feinstein. She is a closet fiscal conservative. [Inside baseball, here, just trust me.] She is strong on national security. [Her behind-the-scenes support for the Patriot Act was pivotal. The current FBI Head, Robert Mueller, is her pick.]

When Harry Reid is defeated, Mr. Obama needs Senator Feinstein for Majority (or minority) leader.


Just say NO.


The Coming Populist Reformation.


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