We need a new DSM IV* category for rogue mental health professionals suffering with “HME Syndrome”, the Homicidal Martyrdom Escape Syndrome, or “HMES”.

  • The vaunted DSM IV is the cookbook diagnostic manual used by mental health professionals to classify mental disorders. [Buy one if you’re curious — .]

“He was obviously upset,” said Duane Reasoner Jr., an 18-year-old who attended the mosque and ate frequently with Major Hasan at the Golden Corral restaurant. “He didn’t want to go to Afghanistan.”

“He felt he was supposed to quit,” Mr. Reasoner said. “In the Koran, it says you are not supposed to have alliances with Jews or Christians, and if you are killed in the military fighting against Muslims, you will go to hell.”

This excerpt was from today’s New York Times. LINK:

Major Hasan was psychologically trapped and infected with an anti-moral virus. [See my previous post.]


This is what happened: A man with Palestinian Muslim roots, born in Virginia, never-married, predeceased by his parents, was provided a full medical education at Bethesda, with the pay-back proviso that he serve in the uniform of the United States Army for about seven years before he could leave the service. He graduated as a physician in the immediate wake of 911. While assigned to America’s largest domestic military base, Fort Hood (52,000 troops), he manifested increasing agitation about having been forced to serve in Afghanistan, where “Christians and Jews” were fighting Muslims, a scenario essentially condemned by the Prophet. He was in a trap of his own making. He consulted a lawyer. He prayed a lot and kept to himself. He purchased a private handgun and lot of ammunition.

By the way, under the current politically correct rules, soldiers on base (other than MP’s and other limited exceptions) DO NOT CARRY FIREARMS.

Are you counting the red flags here?

This killer acted in a fully calculated manner (i.e., Dr. Hasan put his affairs in order, took the time and care to arm himself, carry extra clips of ammunition and position himself near uniformed targets). Then our rogue mental health professional with the rank of Major shouted “God is Great!” in Arabic and began methodically executing as many infidel soldiers as time, the lack of armed resistance and his supply of ammunition permitted.

If he had attempted this shooting spree in Israel among the IDF, he’d have been cut down in seconds. During WWII on a US base, he’d have been taken out by an armed nurse and three typists. In a Queens New York bar frequented by off-duty cops, Dr. Hasan would have been dropped before he got off the first shot. As it was, he was cut down by a young woman with SWAT training serving a Texas civilian police agency, Sgt. Kim Munley, who took several shots herself, thankfully none of them fatal.

In my moral universe, Sgt. Munley gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Price, if not made a candidate for Canonization.

More about the WWII ethos: The US Army was not run by politically correct fools or governed by wishy-washy civilian overseers. Courage and common sense prevailed. Think about it: A number of heroic Japanese men served this country’s military in WWII. Were they aboard, the Enola Gay or serving in the South Pacific? Of course not. The Greatest Generation’s General officers weren’t imbeciles. These brave Japanese warriors fought the Germans.

There was a time when we Americans, all flaws accounted for, were governed by a sterner part of the moral order. A hint to the naïve: Those virtues weren’t “just made up” or adopted as a “life style choice”. Check your survival manual. Without them, we’d be a part of the Third Reich and all our Jewish friends would be dead.


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