FORT HOOD III, Perfidy & Treason Connecting the Dots

FORT HOOD III, Perfidy & Treason

Connecting the Dots

It is Veterans, Day. I’ll not dwell on our president’s peroration about the Foot Hood disaster yesterday, except to note a disabled soldier’s review quoted in today’s New York Times: “‘It was well-written…but I think he needs to do a little more from the heart. I can tell when someone is reading from a tablet and when someone is speaking from the heart.’”

I agree.

Back to Major Hasan’s perfidy. This evening, as time allows, I’ll fold this piece into my first two Fort Hood posts in a consolidation, “The Treason Virus”. Look for that tomorrow morning.

Hasan as “Manchurian Candidate”

The reference is to the famous Cold War movie, starring Frank Sinatra, who was a brain-washed veteran programmed by Chinese Communists to become an assassin when a code word activated him. There was a remake starring Denzel Washington.

As I’ve argued in post one, Islam is a complex belief system that, in its current pre-reformation iterations, is like an operating system fully vulnerable to malware, viruses and trojans, because of the compete absence of a firewall security software protection. The vulnerable features of this belief system don’t need to be sound Muslim theology, they just need to be “out there”. They include the notion that infidels can be killed in the name of God.

This particular anti-moral virus was employed in the service of a malevolent ideology, a perversion of the carrier religious belief system, a scripture-derived violent-terror jihad. The transmission system was the media, the internet and person to person contact.
I note that there are jihadist websites that are specifically designed to stimulate so called “lone wolf” terror agents, without ever having to formally recruit them.

Major Hasan was a susceptible member of the faith. He was exposed – no doubt willingly – and, in this scenario, he was “run” as a remotely stimulated “agent”. His ensuing violence (“craven acts”, to quote our president) was a highly probably outcome.

Let there be no confusion here. My analysis is allegory. I believe that Major Hasan was sane. He is fully accountable for his acts. His acts were more than illegal – they were evil.

Was this terrorism? That is beside the point. Major Hasan turned on his own troops in a time of war. I would charge treason.


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