THE BIG DAY – Part Two

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Monday, March 3 AM

Hans has taken the witness stand in a packed courtroom.

Everything is two edged. Hans, well prepared for direct examination, has just described a civil, almost normal domestic scene with Nina before she left the house – forever. This almost idyllic account – for example, Nina is quoted as saying that Han can keep his company – can be seen by the jury as Hans’ true account leading to his wife’s inexplicable disappearance or as a fantasy construct, that when analyzed, reveals the motive of a killer.

I’ll defer my comments as the testimony progresses.

THE BIG DAY – Part Two

The defense is still in its direct examination of Hans Reiser; the court is in recess until Wednesday, when the case resumes with client still on the stand.

Hans’ testimony is far to detailed to summarize here.

Go to for Henry Lee’s (SF Chronicle) excellent account.

The overall purpose of this long narrative is to persuade the jury that Hans was not someone who would kill the mother of his children and – as the story unfolds – to paint a portrait of Nina as someone who was capable of suddenly leaving them. I’ll return to the biographical elements as Reiser’s testimony continues.

Here are some of the pertinent elements that caught my attention:

  1. I’ve already referenced Hans’ testimony that on September 3 2006 Nina Reiser appeared ready to give up her community property claim to a half interest in the company. I find this less than persuasive, given the log standing dispute between the parties, but we’ll see…

  2. At some point in the past, Hans said that he and Nina had sexual intercourse on two sleeping bags. This was offered to support the inference that the blood trace linked to Nina found on the sleeping bag cover in the CRX may have had an earlier, more innocent origin than the prosecution maintains.

  3. Hans eventually came to the conclusion that Nina didn’t love him as he loved her. “I think Nina loves attention and needs to be loved but does not herself love.”

  4. Hans wanted to have children but Nina was less interested.

  5. Hans admitted removing the hard drive from his computer. The reason? He didn’t want the government to take it.

So far so no one has asked Hans what he did with the hard drive, and what he was hiding. Observers on the scene estimate that Hans will be on the stand in direct examination all day Wednesday and that the DA’s cross examination will take up at least the next full day.


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