Warnings and disclaimers:

This piece previews a scheduled Autopsy.

This is a cold –hearted, penetrating analysis of “how it is” --- not how you or I might want it to be.  

This discourse is R Rated.  Because it previews a national surgical procedure, one that begins with tonight’s debate between Hillary and Barak.  We Americans are scheduled a Clintonectomy.  There will be no anesthetic.

Hillary is discovering what Rudy has already learned:

New York is not enough.

Here are the four dirty little secrets of the 2008 Campaign:

  1. I am now imagining Bill’s exit interview (in this fantasy construct, we might think of a deathbed confession to a trusted amoral therapist). Deep down, all along, Bill wanted Hillary to be subordinate and, failing that, to fail. Had Bill wanted his wife to have the very best chance to win the presidency on 08, all he had to do was stand on the porch and wave. Bill’s “help” in the campaign was the kiss of death. Here’s the deal: Deep down, above all other considerations, Bill needs to be the center of attention and he needs his freedom. This is not a moral judgment; it’s in Bill’s wiring, like a cat who insists on killing birds. A four to eight year sentence as POTUS’ “wife” in drag? Don’t kid yourself. Bill may shed tears for Hillary’s loss but they will be tears of joy.

  2. Hillary is far too centrist and practical (sorry members of the vast right wing conspiracy, ‘cause it’s true) to please or enthuse the burning left wing idealists who are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Hillary’s one “radical” policy position – compulsory universal health care – comes with a heavy legacy cost: It was a dud. [Parenthetical note – The Clintonian era is full of legacy costs; its coming demise has much in common with one of those all too familiar airline bankruptcies.]

  3. The idealistic activists who currently control the levers of the Democratic Party are addicts: They are addicted to the grand gesture. Policy failure? That is the norm. It just sets the stage for a change in actors followed by the next Grand Gesture. Obama is their guy because he not only has he proved himself to be a master of the art of the noble gesture, he hasn’t failed… yet.

    Mrs. Clinton has just one path left to victory: The ruthless scorched earth personal attack. It has always worked for the Clintons… until now. Bill and Hillary share a strikingly negative vision of human corruptibility. In their political universe everybody can be trashed. Actually that’s uncomfortably close to the truth for their generation. But it’s not true for a 72 year old war hero from the Sunbelt and a 45 year old junior senator from the Land of Lincoln.

The Last hurrah Debate is scheduled on CNN @ 8:00 PM East, 5:00 PM Pacific. Be sure and bring your meds.


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