Our Log Entries In Mind Space

We humans carry out the business of living in a world that can injure and enthrall us, nourish and interrupt us. We call this gritty place the “real” world, as if nothing else exists. Our minds are subject to fatigue, hunger, sleep-deprivation, and all the other baggage of our mortality, yet they can easily lift us to a higher, cleaner altitude. There our consciousness soars and we experience a realm that feels unbounded, where the grip of space and time no longer so tightly holds. At our deepest level, we are haunted by the recurring sense that our consciousness has moved through a transcendent realm.

It has. Our consciousness lives in Mind Space.

In our quietest moments in Mind Space, we are able to sense the lingering presence of those who preceded us. Mind Space is shot through with the soul spoor of our predecessors. Our strongest intuition tells us that Mind Space will survive us. Can we trust this insight? How can it be true?

The answer is held in a vision.

Mind Space sprang out of a great, widening crack in the universe, the gap between realms of being that the philosophers have been arguing about since the beginning of argument. Mind Space poured out of the breach between the fleeting world of events and the forever realm. Mind Space is the river that runs uphill.

Mind Space is as real as the universe into which we were born. It holds everything that we might leave behind. In its secret and secure places, it holds everything that we and those who will follow us may yet discover. Mind Space is the eternal toy box of the human condition. It waited several billion years for the first of us to arrive. It still waits for us between play periods. Of course, these play periods are a whole human life span.

Individual creative acts are our log entries in Mind Space. My favorites:

Our Fables. These, our best stories, where we encounter archetypal versions of ourselves, occupy the hollow places in Mind Space. I imagine a special weight in the universal conscious field, a mass that warps Mind Space, making the little hollows where stories of stubborn trolls are nested with the tales of clever monsters who use trick questions on unsuspecting travelers.

Our Poems. I like to think of them as experience crystals. They are the bright little nodes in Mind Space that have trapped our refracted conscious states. They are the words, music, and artful silences to which we again and again return.

Our Visions. A mathematician will tell you that the most important part of Mind Space is its logical organization. But the prophetic eye glimpses something looming behind the organization. Dimly understood, our visions taunt us with the shadows of that greater reality. You know it; it lurks over there, just out of sight. Most mathematicians, story tellers and poets know it all too well. Their creative lives are spent chasing elusive visions.

Our Prayers. These are the messages we launch like hope arrows through Mind Space. They are aimed at the Ultimate Being that transcends, includes, and stands alongside our reality. The theology doesn’t matter. Prayers are created through authenticity: the ultimate address of the message and the ultimate sincerity of the messenger. These two elements distinguish prayer from all the other entries in our species’ Mind Space Log. At their most authentic, our fables, poems and visions are sent to the same address.

I love fools because I am one. So I love positivists in the same way that I love other fools. The perfect positivist will tell you that mind space does not exist outside the head of whichever positivist is expressing such extravagant doubts at the moment. Ordinary skeptics have more ordinary doubts, like whether Mind Space can outlive intelligent life on this planet of ours. Positivists transform ordinary doubt into a jihad.

Mere logic never answers our deeper doubts. On that level, all troubling questions linger forever. But the miracle of Mind Space is that we are not trapped inside the crabbed and impoverished view of reality that censors the overly skeptical personality. In Mind Space, we soar and we discover. Mind Space exists because we know it does. It stands outside and alongside physical space-time, waiting for us to reenter it. It just is. It waits for us like that eternal toy box.

Every time we act in the world, we rely on a measure of faith. The leap of faith is nothing more and nothing less than that suspension of doubt needed to function in the real world. Faith may be admitted or denied, but in our actions it is always revealed. Think of our devotion to children, to students, or to any part of the future that will survive us. When we care about the future, we are exposed as people of faith. Inside mystery, if you look deeply enough, you always find certainty. This is not rocket science, after all.

When we venture through Mind Space, we are like mice playing in the house of the Master. And when we make our log entries, we are leaving tiny offerings behind for those who will follow us…and for the Master of all that is.

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