Who are the real liberals?

Who are the real liberals?


by Jay B. Gaskill

Sunday, January 30, 2005, Alameda, California, USA.

Can you imagine how many Californians would have voted last time if anti-American terrorists (excuse me, “insurgents”) had wreaked the same havoc in LA and San Francisco that the brave Iraqi voters have now endured? Consider that voter turnout in that country (as a percentage of registered voters) matches the Golden State’s performance in the last election. So why aren’t my liberal friends dancing in the streets?

The difference between home grown, pro-American liberals (PAL’s) and the new un-American left (NUL’s) turns on a simple proposition: Whether democratic institutions are a good thing in themselves (as we home grown types tend to think) or just represent the playing field in which True Ideology must triumph by “any means necessary”, even (or especially) over the popular will.

Historians of the post WWII period will recall that the PAL vs. NUL litmus test of that period was the Marshall Plan (the massive American aid program to reconstruct Western Europe, including defeated Germany). The Marshall plan was opposed by the Stalinists and the NUL fringe, but was favored by home grown liberals like Harry Truman.

The Iraqi elections and the larger mission to spread the seeds of democratic reform in the soil of Middle-Eastern tribal authoritarianism pose the next litmus test. It is already clear in Iraq that the formerly oppressed majority (principally the Shiites and Kurds) has resoundingly endorsed the democratic path against the violent remnants of the Baathist thug-regime of Saddam. Unsurprisingly, in many of the pockets (principally Sunni) where Saddam’s support remains strong (consisting of a small minority of the total population), many failed to vote. This can hardly detract from the obvious fact that the formerly oppressed population could not be deterred. They voted. They will enjoy self rule.

Consider the bizarre, opportunistic, unprincipled bleatings issuing from the senior Senator from Massachusetts whose “let’s abandon them now” rhetoric eerily echoes the nasty perorations of the Stalinists and their dupes in this country who opposed the Marshall Plan. Surely, JFK is turning in his grave as his kid brother disgraces “the cause of freedom” that President John Kennedy (may he rest in peace) so eloquently defended.

God save the republic from the likes of Teddy.


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